IC #3: The Adequate Show

Michael and Alex talk about being wrong on different types of Internet outlets and take turns hitting the pinata that is No Man’s Sky. In Good Internet/Bad Internet, they have a surprisingly high brow discussion of ISPs and talk about the missed opportunity of the ultimate 2016 meme.

Show Notes
Chrissy Teigen on Twitter
Doctors of Reddit thread on /r/AskReddit (possibly NSFW)
No Man’s Sky Reviews on MetaCritic
No Man’s Sky player base down 90%
Star Citizen
/r/Games thread comparing NMS advertising vs gameplay
Eve Online
Good Internet: xkcd climate change comic
Good Internet: Map of Google Fiber cities
Bad Internet: Harambe McHarambeface story
Harambe the Gorilla on Know Your Meme
Boaty McBoatface on Know Your Meme
BBC fact-checks Harambe McHarambeface story
Bad Internet: Digg
Good Internet: You Suck at Cooking YT channel
YSAC: 10 Ways to Cut an Onion

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IC #2: Pokemon Go Ruined Our Childhoods

Michael and Alex discuss watching lots of YouTube and bad movies (of both the blockbuster and internet-cult-classic variety). They also dig into the mess that is Pokemon Go, and have their first Good Internet/Bad Internet Corner.

Show Notes
Red Letter Media YouTube Channel (Star Wars Reviews) 
“Robot” 2010 Indian movie’s IMDb page 
Neil Breen
Suicide Squad on Rotten Tomatoes 
Petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes
Pokemon Go server issues
Japanese Olympian gets hit with giant phone bill playing Pokemon Go
Guy gets stabbed playing Pokemon Go
Google’s video Street View for the Rio Olympics
Overview of meltdown on No Man’s Sky subreddit
Donald Gay Trump Twitter handle
The (often horrifying) “Christians against Drugs” Facebook page

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