IC #3: The Adequate Show

Michael and Alex talk about being wrong on different types of Internet outlets and take turns hitting the pinata that is No Man’s Sky. In Good Internet/Bad Internet, they have a surprisingly high brow discussion of ISPs and talk about the missed opportunity of the ultimate 2016 meme.

Show Notes
Chrissy Teigen on Twitter
Doctors of Reddit thread on /r/AskReddit (possibly NSFW)
No Man’s Sky Reviews on MetaCritic
No Man’s Sky player base down 90%
Star Citizen
/r/Games thread comparing NMS advertising vs gameplay
Eve Online
Good Internet: xkcd climate change comic
Good Internet: Map of Google Fiber cities
Bad Internet: Harambe McHarambeface story
Harambe the Gorilla on Know Your Meme
Boaty McBoatface on Know Your Meme
BBC fact-checks Harambe McHarambeface story
Bad Internet: Digg
Good Internet: You Suck at Cooking YT channel
YSAC: 10 Ways to Cut an Onion

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