IC #6: Google Diversity, Dream Daddy, and Coconuts

Michael and Randolf discuss (and disagree about) the Google memo controversy and people voicing minority opinions on forums. Plus SoundCloud updates, Randolf’s foray into Dream Daddy, the disaster that is For Honor, and some genuinely gross Bad Internet.

The Google Memo Controvery (Vox explainer ; NPR news article)
Google cancels Town Hall
Study: diversity helps a company’s bottom line, but workers are less happy
SoundCloud gets funding and new CEO

Dream Daddy on Steam
Game Grumps on YouTube
For Honor has a free weekend
Hearthstone gets a new expansion

Randolf’s Good: Pickle Rick on IMDb
Michael’s Good: Great r/travel photos
Randolf’s Bad: The Coconutting (via the AV Club, very NSFW)
Michael’s Bad: Twitter and Charlottesville (wiki article about Charlottesville rally)

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