IC #7: Moving the Space Goalposts

Michael and Randolf cover this week: a heated Reddit thread about Mars colonization and Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to get us there; Overwatch hero changes; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; a lawsuit about reaction videos on YouTube; the trailer for Bojack Horseman Season 4; and hot, hot German election charts.

r/AskReddit’s comment thread on Mars colonization
Article about Elon Musk’s Mars plan
Musk’s full paper about Mars exploration

Overwatch developer update for Mercy and D.va (YouTube)
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam
Ironcast on Switch

Randolf’s Good: h3h3 wins lawsuit for reaction video (YouTube)
Michael’s Good: Bojack Horseman Season 4 Trailer
Randolf’s Bad: La Vita Bella Nursing Home Photo
Michael’s Good 2: German election history charts
Michael’s Bad: Snarky tweets on Twitter about GOT (possible spoilers)

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