IC #8: A Nightmare KFC

This week Michael and Randolf talk about: the history and mechanics behind Discord chat, all the coverage of Hurricane Irma, and a breakdown of an Internet listicle of the “Best Games on Switch”. Also, Good Internet, Bad Internet featuring a bonkers VR video from KFC, why Fahrenheit is dumb, and more.

Discord chat on Wikipedia
IRC on Wikipedia
Google Wave on Wikipedia
Hurricane Irma on Wikipedia
Awesome local news climatologist Alan Sealls (on r/videos, also article)
Eric Holthaus on Twitter
AP tweets about Irma’s change in direction
Miami Herald story
“Shoot at Hurricane Irma” Facebook page
Florida “Sunshine” laws lead to Florida Man meme
Miami Herald story on Facebook page to set fans out against Irma

Twitter listicle about Switch
Fan-made Sonic Mania game
Tetris Attack! (1995)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Randolf’s Good: KFC Video (and Eater article write-up)
Randolf’s Bad: Equifax gets hacked
Michael’s Good: Vox’s Fahrenheit explainer video
Michael’s Bad: Journalists claim Trump is an “independent”

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