IC #11: The Conspiracy Podcast

Michael and Randolf discuss how the Internet is handling the JFK Files release, polarized opinions around Blade Runner 2049, and what games we’re playing this week. That plus a Good Internet, Bad Internet segment featuring Halloween costumes, healthcare, creepypasta and a very weird animal behavior.

JFK files download link
British paper received tip to call the American Embassy on the day of the assassination
Reddit’s Boston Marathon bombing investigation (via the Atlantic)
Overwatch ARG for Sombra
Blade Runner 2049 on Wikipedia
r/movies official Blade Runner (spoiler-heavy) thread
r/truefilm Blade Runner thread
Hardcore Henry on IMDb
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Wikipedia
Wonder Woman on Wikipedia
Deadpool on Wikipedia

Super Mario Odyssey on Wikipedia
Fallout 4 on Wikipedia
Dungeon Keeper on Wikipedia
Battle Brothers on Steam
Opus Magnum on Steam

Randolf’s Good: r/pics halloween photos megathread
Randolf’s 2nd Good: Polybius on Wikipedia, Angry Video Game Nerd video series about Polybius
Michael’s Bad: Woman ranting on Twitter about healthcare bureaucracy actually becoming life threatening
Randolf’s Bad: An example of what tiered Internet would be like (also Reddit discussion of this page)
Michael’s Good: Opossum catnapping/training on Twitter

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