IC 18: What’s With Alexa?

Michael gives his review of Black Panther, he and Randolf discuss whether Black Mirror is hitting its stride or going off the rails, and lots of detailed gaming talk around a PUBG imitator. That plus more Netflix #content, people’s Alexa speakers are acting weird, and a live on-air meltdown.

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Show Notes
Black Panther on Wikipedia
Black Mirror signed for new season
Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce is a disappointment on Eater

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam
Slay the Spire on Steam
Hearthstone on Wikipedia
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on Wikipedia

Good Internet, Bad Internet (GIBI)
Michael’s Good: Altered Carbon on Wikipedia
Randolf’s Bad: Twitter video of Alexa laughing
Amazon’s patch for Alexa on The Verge
Super bowl Alexa ad on The Verge
Michael’s Bad: Sam Nunberg story on Vox and The Washington Post
Randolf’s Good: Violent video game research article and research summary

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