IC 22: How Far Down Does This Subreddit Go?

A new study says that Americans, especially young people, are lonely. But what can we really take away from these findings? We find some utterly fantastic ASCII art, a discussion of games much-anticipated and not so anticipated, and GIBI features a grab bag of subreddits that are incredible and/or horrifying.

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Show Notes
Americans are lonely (NPR) and Cigna study
Research that discusses loneliness and social media correlation
UK appoints Minister of Loneliness via New York Times
ASCII art on Wikipedia
Diana Smith’s ASCII art via Vox

E3 2018 conference on Wikipedia
Luigi’s Mansion 3DS remake via Polygon
Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch
The Virtual Boy console on Wikipedia
Stardew Valley on Wikipedia
Kingdom Hearts 3 on Wikipedia
Final Fantasy 15 on Wikipedia
Final Fantasy 13 on Wikipedia

Good Internet, Bad Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good: r/shittylifeprotips (also mentioned r/lifeprotips)
Michael’s Bad: r/RebornDollCringe
Randolf’s Bad: Cambridge Analytica changes its name (see also IC episode 19: “Surprise, Facebook is Bad”)
Michael’s Good: r/ATBGE (including German police stop post) ….and r/NeverTellMeTheOdds (including gymnast hat flip and random scripted game event) (also mentioned No Man’s Sky)

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