IC 25: Roguelike Games 101

For our 25th episode, we’re talking all about gaming. We discuss What We’re Playing This Week, including a game that got looked over because of Breath of the Wild. Then, we discuss roguelike games. What’s with these super tough, unforgiving games, and what are some of the best examples of the genre? Randolf walks Michael through the history of the genre and talks about why gamers should give them a shot. Finally, GIBI features dancing in movies, Russians smuggling an American cadet, and Mister Rogers.

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Show Notes/Gaming
Horizon Zero Dawn
Breath of the Wild on Switch
Persona 5 and IC Episode 21 (where we discussed Persona 4)
Article about Horizon Zero Dawn being eclipsed by BOTW
Horizon’s developer hired anthropologists
Guerilla Games
Killzone series
Darkest Dungeon
Roguelike games
Dungeons and Dragons
Rogue (1980)
Hack (1985)
netHack (1987)
FTL: Faster Than Light
No Man’s Sky
Diablo series
Dwarf Fortress (2006)
Boatmurdered story

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good 1: Dancing in Movies on Vimeo (from this Reddit thread)
Michael’s Good 1: r/TodayILearned thread story about Russians smuggling an American Air Force Cadet into Lithuania
Randolf’s “Good” 2: r/BoneHurtingJuice (based on this meme)
Michael’s Good 2: Some guy visualizes all of Mister Rogers’ sweaters over the years (Movie prints “The Color of Motion”, including Disney movies)

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