IC 26: Westworld, MMORPGs, and Nightmare Comedy

Was Westworld Season 2 actually any good? Michael and Randolf discuss (with spoilers) the show’s pacing and compare it to other premium TV dramas. Plus, Randolf does a deep dive into a Final Fantasy MMORPG, Michael is stressing out over Darkest Dungeon, and we’ve found some surreal and adorable subreddits for Good Internet, Best Internet.

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Show Notes
Westworld Season 2 on IMDb
Westworld Season 2 premiere discussion in IC episode 21 “Fighting the YouTube Algorithm”
GOT Season Guide on IMDb
Dexter on IMDb

Final Fantasy 14 on Wikipedia
“Why Final Fantasy 14 failed (and how it was reborn)” on GamesRadar
FF14: A Realm Reborn review by IGN (2013)
IC episode 25 “Roguelike Games”
Darkest Dungeon on Steam
Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court DLC on Steam
Roguelike games
Random Number Generation (RNG) on Wikipedia
FTL: Faster Than Light

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good 1: r/CoolGamesInc “ghost town” subreddit and related defunct podcast
Michael’s Good 1: Thai Cave boys rescue (see Vox article , cave graphic , and Elon Musk helping)

Randolf’s Good 2: Violent J of Insane Clown Posse posts a video review with his daughter (since removed, see reddit thread). Also r/NotTimandEric (of Tim & Eric fame, purveyors of dark, surreal or nightmare comedy).
Also mentioned:
Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks video on YouTube
The Eric Andre Show on Wikipedia
Michael’s Good 2: r/HappyCowGifs

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