IC 32: Spiderman Selfies

Facebook has another breach of user data – when will enough be enough for users to quit it? Plus some mischievous hackers are making PS4 users brick their consoles. Randolf’s getting through a JRPG remake, Michael’s all into Doctor Who right now, and some GIBI with video game selfies and sound-based subreddits.

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Show Notes
Facebook story (New York Times)
PS4 bricking (Verge)
Reddit post about PS4 bricking
Xbox One “backwards compatibility” bricking story

Gaming/What We’re Watching
Doctor Who Series 11 (IMDb)
Jodie Whittaker (IMDb)
Honest Trailer for modern Doctor Who (YouTube)
Maniac (Wikipedia)
Trailer for Maniac (YouTube)
Bojack Horseman (IMDb)

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good 1: Gizmodo’s “100 Websites That Shaped The Internet As We Know It
Michael’s Good 1: Spiderman 4 selfies and DLC update
Michael’s Good 2: Treyarch dev comments on Black Ops 4 Reddit Thread with incredibly detailed response.
Randolf’s Good 2: r/SoundsLikeMusic (and (“20th Century Fox” highlight)

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