IC 40: Worse Than Video Games?

Research shows that young men are spending more hours playing video games. Randolf and I get into whether that’s a problem. We check out Apex Legends, the new game that’s keeping the battle royale genre alive. That plus You’ve Gotta See this with Russian Doll, animal moments on Twitter, and much more.

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Show Notes

American University professor’s Twitter thread – (Chart on gaming, chart on living with parents)

IC 39 – “Fornite isn’t a game, it’s a place”

Ready Player One

IC 39 discussion of Kingdom Hearts 3 and 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Wikipedia)

Doom 3 (Wikipedia)

Quake 4 (Wikipedia)

Matrix Online (Wikipedia)

IC 32 – discussion of COD Black Ops 4

COD Black Ops 4 (Blackout) (Wikipedia)

Titanfall (Wikpedia)

Apex: Legends (Wikipedia)

You’ve Gotta See This (YGST)

This time:Russian Doll (IMDb)

For next time: The Umbrella Academy (IMDb)

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Michael ’s Good 1: Deer Whisperer on Twitter (AKA Brother Nature)
Randolf’s Good 1: The YouTube channel Best 80s Commercials, with a horror-tinged slant. (see also adult swim’s Too Many Cooks)

Randolf’s Good 2: r/TheyDidTheMath
Michael’s Good 2: Australian local news story of a terrier adopting a possum (“this wouldn’t work in America“; photo is ready to be meme’d)

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