IC 20: A Starship of Chameleons

A look at a crazy Google Glass-like invention that purports to understand a person’s inner monologue. We have yet another conversation about Facebook, with Zuckerberg’s Messenger history in the news. Michael’s playing a more casual survival game, PUBG throws the book at some imitators, and in Good Internet, Bad Internet, Randolf shares a truly awesome set of Japanese gum commercials.

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Show Notes
The AlterEgo device on The Guardian
Black Mirror “The Entire History of You” on IMDb (incorrectly mentioned as “Be Right Back”)
Zuckerberg’s FB messages are being deleted on TechCrunch

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
PUBG creators finally going after imitators on Ars Technica
Fortnite: Battle Royale
Don’t Starve on Steam
Internet Citizen Episode 18 about Surviv.io tactics (discussion starts at 35:21)

Good Internet, Bad Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good: Series of excellent Japanese gum commercials (Reddit thread here)
Michael’s Good: A Redditor uncovers a minor conspiracy about the group name for chameleons
Randolf’s Bad: r/WhatCouldGoWrong
Michael’s 2nd Good: The American Chopper Argum Meme on Know Your Meme (also mentioned the Dinosaur comics)

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