IC 42: Gaming Podcast Now!

In our next gaming roundup episode, Randolf walks Michael through the online first person shooter RPG genre with some recent titles he’s tried. For You’ve Gotta See This, we’re talking about Season 2 of the SNL alumni vehicle Documentary Now! Good Internet, Best Internet has us reviewing some subreddits about PC setups and continuity in media, plus a YouTuber highlight and what Michael’s been listening tohas some cool architecture, Ryan Reynolds, and more.

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Show Notes – Gaming

Anthem (Wikipedia)

Destiny (Wikipedia)

EA Buys BioWare (IGN)

The Division 2 (Wikipedia)

Apex Legends (Wikipedia)

You’ve Gotta See This (YGST)

This time: Documentary Now! (IMDb)

For next time: PEN15 (IMDb)

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Michael ’s Good 1: r/ContinuityPorn
Randolf’s Good 1: r/retrobattlestations
Randolf’s Good 2: YouTuber highlight: SsethTzeentach AKA Seth (see his Kenshi review)
Michael’s Good 2: Griffin McElroy’s The Adventure Zone soundtrack on Sound Cloud

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