IC 34: Social Media FOMO

Social media is bad for us, and a new university study has proof. We talk about the impact of “FOMO” that social media causes in younger people, plus the 2018 Game Award nominees are both surprising and unsurprising. Fallout’s new game looks quite bad, and GIBI features a social media site we actually like and dogs!

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Show Notes
FOMO study shows mental/behavioral improvement when social media is limited to 10 minutes a day (Business Insider, cited study by the UPenn)
Reddit thread about the study

2018 Nominees for the Game Awards
Celeste indie game
Metroidvania game genre
No Man’s Sky
Detroit: Becoming Human trailer
Video game designer David Cage 
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 article from The Verge about raids
Scorchbeast queen video
Leroy Jenkins WoW video meme
Final Fantasy 14
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
(Note: in the episode we mention that Freddie Mercury was gay, but evidence suggests he actually didn’t identify as gay specifically, but more sexually fluid.)
The Rageaholic band review of Queen (YouTube)

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good 1: Letterboxd.com, a social media site for film enthusiasts, including cataloging the movies you’ve seen.
Michael’s Good 1: The movie trailer for Pokemon Detective Pikachu (see also the 2018 game Detective Pikachu)
Randolf’s Good 2: r/ooer (and a quintessential example here). Also Reddit removing CSS customization.
Michael’s Good 2: Netflix’s Dogs trailer (also Daredevil Season 3 and The Defenders)

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