IC 41: Swedish Telephone Game

A fascinating story about Swedish teenagers rigging a phone system in the 1980s has us talking about communication channels and assumptions of anonymity online. Randolf’s playing a brutal new top-down adventure game. In You’ve Gotta See This, we’re discussing the fun and weird Umbrella Academy, and Good Internet, Best Internet has some cool architecture, Ryan Reynolds, and more.

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Show Notes

“How a Phone Glitch Sparked a Teenage Riot” (Medium)

Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) (Wikipedia)



Divinity: Original Sin II (Wikipedia)

The Diablo series (Wikipedia)

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wikipedia)

Path of Exile (Wikipedia)

Ties of Numenera (Wikipedia)

Tyranny (Wikipedia)

You’ve Gotta See This (YGST)

This time: The Umbrella Academy Doll (IMDb)

For next time: Documentary Now! (IMDb)

Good Internet, Best Internet (GIBI)
Michael ’s Good 1: Ryan Reynolds doing videos for Detective Pikachu and also with Hugh Jackman
Randolf’s Good 1:r/Brutalism

Randolf’s Good 2: I am a Japanese Schoolteacher Blog (NSFW for written content)
Michael’s Good 2: r/DashCams (Favorites include people caught driving like idiots)

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