IC 19: Surprise, Facebook is Bad

Michael and Randolf dive into the complex story of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, and what a “good” social network should be. They also discuss Randolf’s “new” gaming system, a spectrum of battle royale games, and Michael finally has tried Breath of the Wild. Plus GIBI sees a cute school project, possible deepfakes, memes in the wild, and more.

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Show Notes
Cambridge Analytica articles by The Guardian
The Case against Facebook by Vox
News Feed Eradicator extension for Chrome
Facebook says sorry in full-page newspaper ads by The Verge
“Facebook killers” like Ello
Nearly half of U.S. teens prefer Snapchat over other social media by Recode

PS Vita
Persona 4: Golden
Fortnite: Battle Royale
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Good Internet, Bad Internet (GIBI)
Randolf’s Good: Producer dad helps kid with weather report video
Michael’s Bad: People are faking an image/GIF of Emma Gonzalez (Parkland student) ripping up a constitution.
Randolf’s Bad: Facebook, again. Many people are participating in the twitter #DeleteFacebook campaign (Elon Musk also deletes his Facebook pages)
Michael’s Good: Teens at March for Our Lives using Spongebob memes on signs (via Daily Dot) (Mocking Spongebob and Savage Patrick on Know Your Meme)
4chan on Wikipedia

Randolf’s Happily Never Equal podcast on iTunes

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